+49 German inbound SMS numbers launched by TynTec

If you’ve been hunting for a German version of the ubiquitous +44 UK long numbers, consider taking a look at TynTec’s latest offering. They’ve launched the 12-digit phone numbers today — to join their UK and Finnish offerings. ‘Long numbers’ (i.e. numbers that look like normal mobile phone numbers, but usually only receive SMS) are […]


Vodafone Storm launched today; hits shops on 14th

As we reported the other day, Vodafone’s Storm Blackberry is launched officially today in the UK. That means you can pre-order it, here. You can have one free on £35 a month for TWO YEARS (yikes) which includes 600 minutes and ‘unlimited’ texts. Here’s Ian Shepherd, Consumer Director of Vodafone UK talking about the device: […]