The winners and losers of the smartphone industry 2014

2014 was a heady year as far as smartphone sales went. Apple released two new handsets, Samsung struggled to make any headway, and Chinese upstarts like Xiaomi made waves with lots of great new devices and impressive sales. According to new data from research firm IDC, Apple closed the gap on Samsung in the fourth […]


Lenovo’s 27″ tablet is a smart idea, costs £1,000 and is due this summer

I caught this one from a recent BGR story. Lenovo is apparently launching a 27″ ‘table tablet’ running Windows 8. It’s called IdeaCentre Horizon so keep an eye out. I can think of of a ton of different applications for huge tablet form factors. Everything from mortgage calculators at point of sale in banks to […]


Lenovo’s SMS-kill feature locks your laptop remotely

I like this. Leave your Lenovo laptop on the train? Someone arse has half-inched (“pinched”) it from your hotel room? No biggie. Whip out your handset and text your laptop. The laptop’s receiver is always-on (although I’d be interested to know what the battery implications are) so that whenever it gets that kill text message, […]