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BlackBerry World: Michael Hughes demonstrates a LoopUp conference call

This is Momchil with a video of Michael Hughes demonstrating a LoopUp conference call. Michael Hughes, Co-CEO of LoopUp, shows us how easy it is to set up and operate a conference call with LoopUp. LoopUp makes a conference call easy to handle across multiple devices. In this demo you will see Outlook integration, web […]

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BlackBerry World: John Flynn of LoopUp shares the BlackBerry World experience

Hi, this is Momchil here with a video of John Flynn sharing his thoughts on BlackBerry World 2012 and introducing LoopUp as a corporate conferencing solutions provider. John Flynn, VP Global Accounts at LoopUp, comments on the success of the show and the networking and social events around it. LoopUp’s focus is “making the everyday […]