Industry profile: Tim Cook, CEO of Apple

In the first of several articles profiling key leaders in the mobile industry, we examine how Tim Cook has shaped Apple since taking over the leadership role from Steve Jobs. Tim Cook Tim Cook runs the most successful consumer electronics company in the world – one of the titans of the mobile industry that generates huge profits from hit products like the iPhone, iPad […]

ShoZu Photo Of The Day: Return of the Mac

I’ve been after promobs — that is, smart and sophisticated mobile geniuses (the opposite of normobs) — to send me their FIRST ever ShoZu-uploaded picture. It often makes for interesting viewing. Mac Morrison — aka mostlythis — responded and sent me a link to his first ever ShoZu upload to Flickr: Mac does point out […]


Apple’s MobileMe – .Mac by any other name?

Apple’s also introduced a companion service to go with the new 3G iPhone, called MobileMe – a cloud storage service that looks like a revamped version of its old .Mac product. In short, MobileMe will give you remote access to your Mail, Contacts and Calendar, as well as photos and documents using a series of […]