Andrew Dark, CEO of mBlox

At the MEF Connects @ MWC party in Barcelona, we managed to get some time with Andrew Dark, CEO of mobile transaction network, mBlox. We asked Andrew to discuss the trends he’s seen in the mobile industry over the last year and speculate on what he thinks we’ll be seeing across the next few years. […]

And Finally … with Andrew Bud of mBlox

I couldn’t resist asking Andrew Bud, top chap at international mobile services company, mBlox, ‘What was your first handset?’ His answer was one of the most interesting we’ve ever had on Mobile Industry Review… This is just a small vid — 1 minute 23 seconds. Have a watch — here it is:

Andrew Bud on mBlox’s Sender-Pays Mobile Data offering

At Mobile World Congress, we made a b-line for the mBlox stand to find out more about their Sender-Pays Data offering. It’s highly, highly innovative, still a trial — and only for the UK networks at the moment (with the exception of T-Mobile UK!). Andrew explains the concept in the video, but briefly, here’s the […]

Andrew Bud gives mBlox overview

We caught up with Andrew Bud, Executive Chairman of mobile services provider, mBlox. We talked with Andrew for a good 25 minutes at the mBlox stand at Mobile World Congress. In this video, Andrew gives an overview of the mBlox service — very useful if you’ve seen them around but always wondered what they do. […]


Got a hot crime tip? Text the police

Seen a crime and want to report it anonymously? If you’re in the US or Canada, you can now dob people in using SMS, thanks to a new application from mBlox and Anderson Software called TipSoft. It’s already being used by community action group Crime Stoppers and is already up and running in 16 Canadian […]