MIR TV in Prague – Part One

We’re off to Prague, Czech Republic. We were surprised to find a dedicated Vertu shop just off the Old Town Square — and even more surprised to see it doing a brisk trade in 5,000 EURO handsets. So Ben popped in and asked if we could film… Here’s the video:

What does it take to produce MIR TV when we’re abroad?

Dan Lane runs through every single piece of equipment we took with us to the Mobile World Congress. We’ve had multiple requests from people wondering what sort of technology we use to produce the show — I’m not just talking cameras and microphones, I’m talking surrounding equipment — the sort of device that we couldn’t […]


MIR TV pops into the Prague Vertu Shop

“Shall we go in?” asks Ben Smith. “Errrrr,” say I. I’m thinking about the possible catalogue of problems that could occur. “It’s the Vertu Shop. We’re in Prague. Let’s go in and see if they’ll let us do some filming?” prompts Ben. “Errrrrrrr,” I repeat, still processing the potential issues. The biggest issue in my […]