Behind the scenes: Why I’m renting my camera equipment in the States

Last year I was temporary delayed at the US border in Los Angeles. It was not a stunning experience. Not after a 12-hour flight. I thought you might like a little bit of background into what goes into delivering some of the content you see/view here on Mobile Industry Review. A few years ago I […]

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Welcome to Mobile Developer TV!

Hello and welcome to Mobile Developer TV. My name is Ewan and I’m founder and Editor.  You can find out more about me here .

MIR TV in Prague – Part One

We’re off to Prague, Czech Republic. We were surprised to find a dedicated Vertu shop just off the Old Town Square — and even more surprised to see it doing a brisk trade in 5,000 EURO handsets. So Ben popped in and asked if we could film… Here’s the video:

MIR TV goes to Rome – Part Two

Today it’s time for MIR in Rome, Part Two. In this episode we have a look at the iPhone language assistance applications (How do you ask ‘Where is the toilet in a foreign country?’) and we put Nokia and Google Maps head to head to help us locate the Spanish Steps. Which app do you […]

MIR TV goes to Rome, Italy – Part One

Back in January, Ben, Dan and me (that’s Ewan) hopped on a very early flight to Rome, Italy, to check out the mobile scene there and to film two MIR TV episodes from the city. In today’s Part One, we talk about the technology we’ve brought, we visit some landmarks and spot-the-handset, we try making […]

DeviceAnywhere live test of outbound and inbound device calling!

We couldn’t visit Mobile World Congress without stopping by at the DeviceAnywhere stand to say hi and find out what was new. DeviceAnywhere have been super supporters of MIR in the past and they’ve helped us cover the costs of producing our developer events in recent times. They’ve been doing a lot of work helping […]

What does it take to produce MIR TV when we’re abroad?

Dan Lane runs through every single piece of equipment we took with us to the Mobile World Congress. We’ve had multiple requests from people wondering what sort of technology we use to produce the show — I’m not just talking cameras and microphones, I’m talking surrounding equipment — the sort of device that we couldn’t […]


Everything you wanted to know about Skydeck, by Jason Devitt

We’ve been huge, huge fans of Skydeck for a while. Yes we’ve not been able to use it (since we’ve been stuck in England) but we’ve been watching the service grow and officially launch in the States for some time now. We were delighted to be able to sit down with Jason and find out […]

Exclusive Video: Visiarc’s “Mobile Documents” for Nokia

This one was a total exclusive. Peter and his team of mobile gurus from Visiarc have had a chat with our friend Rafe from All About Symbian — but as far as I know, we’re the first to publish an in-depth video overview of what could, potentially, be some earth shattering stuff. This is the […]

Jennifer Grenz of ShoZu drops an exclusive

James Whatley bumped into the whirlwind that is Jennifer Grenz of ShoZu at the Handmark/Pocket Express/Orange party during Mobile World Congress. We captured the exchange on film — Jennifer gives us an overview of ShoZu, issues a possible exclusive and tries a Mobile Industry Review jacket on for size. Here’s the video:

And Finally … with Andrew Bud of mBlox

I couldn’t resist asking Andrew Bud, top chap at international mobile services company, mBlox, ‘What was your first handset?’ His answer was one of the most interesting we’ve ever had on Mobile Industry Review… This is just a small vid — 1 minute 23 seconds. Have a watch — here it is:

In conversation with Hannah Summers of Acision

Hannah Summers is VP of Global Marketing for messaging behemoth, Acision. If you haven’t come across them before, you most probably use their systems every day of the week without knowing it. Their software powers a huge amount of the text and multimedia messaging services of the world’s biggest operators. We popped by the Acision […]