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Is Apple Losing Its Edge?

As the new year begins, it’s always an illuminating exercise when you sit down and take a look at the market as it stands. Things have changed a lot in the mobile sector in the last couple of years. Apple has always appeared to be an innovator, establishing the trends to dominate the landscape for […]

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Choosing the right mobile deal

With so much choice for consumers, choosing the right mobile phone deal can be a challenging task, even for hardened bargain hunters. The mobile phone market has never been so saturated with high quality products and tempting offers. The device and deal that you eventually decide upon will depend on how much you use your […]


Is the stylus indicative of shoddy UI design?

I can’t stand styluses on mobile phones. I think you not only look stupid, you also feel very stupid using them. Are there any MIR readers who actually *like* using handsets with a stylus?

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Mobile phones and cancer – the debate goes on

There was an interesting and upsetting story from The Telegraph yesterday about a community in the West Midlands (the area around Birmingham in the UK), that claims that a phone mast has cause 14 people to die of cancer and 20 others to have contracted the disease. Firstly, it is obviously very upsetting to hear […]