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“My machine is only authorised for £100!”

Yet another reminder that I’m living about 20 years in advance of most people. It’s flipping annoying, really. I wonder if I need to work hard to try and get back into the real world? My problem this morning was sitting on the train waiting for the Southwest Trains ticket chap to walk along to […]

MIR Developers: Masabi’s mobile ticketing system

This demonstration by Masabi had the MIR Show team stopped in their tracks. Watch Part 1 here. It’s all about secure mobile ticketing. That’s Masabi’s bag. Do please take a few minutes to watch the future of ticketing on your mobile. It’s excellent, it’s brilliant, it *works* and it’s available in the UK today. MIR […]

MIR Developers: Masabi’s Mobile Ticketing Part 1

The Masabi chaps, Ben Whitaker and his colleague Ed, are known to the MIR team. Not only are they widely acknowledged as good guys, they’re also doing some really shit-hot mobile application development. Specifically in the mobile ticketing/transaction arena. This is Part 1 — Ben gives us an introduction to Masabi. MIR Developers: Masabi’s mobile […]