New tech puts LTE network optimisation into the base station (users already overloading 4G networks)

With the rise of 4G as LTE slowly rolls-out across the globe it’s tempting to think that data optimisation technology will become redundant. No longer will users have to squeeze YouTube cat videos (and it really is video that’s pushing operators hardest now) down feeble 3G connections. Not so, say experts Mobixell.

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Mobile advertising: It’s time for operators to take control

I don’t need to tell you that mobile advertising presents a huge opportunity for brands, marketers and much of the mobile ecosystem. But it’s an opportunity that mobile operators aren’t yet taking advantage of as fully as they could be. I recently spoke to Noam Green from Mobixell about how operators can benefit from keeping […]

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‪Mobile Video Optimisation: Time for a new era? ‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬

Noam Green from Mobixell caught my recent post about the data capacity crunch and sent in this contribution as a response — along with an infographic (at the bottom). Over to Noam: – – – – – Current approaches to mobile network and content optimisation will fail to address the real requirements of managing the […]


50% of users abandon mobile videos half way through watching

I met up with Noam from Mobixell before this year’s Mobile World Congress. I was meant to meet up with him again in Barcelona, but unfortunately he was ill. Anyway, I enjoyed Mobixell’s take on the issue of network congestion – the causes of it (mainly video according to Mobixell) and some ways to try […]