James May’s Science Stories app — is this the future for museum guides?

James May from Top Gear is, I think we can all agree, a Top Chap. I very much enjoy his sensible analysis and infectious enthusiasm on Top Gear — but he’s also done a lot of other shows on a multitude of subjects (e.g. James May On The Moon, James May On The Edge of […]

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Uplinq: A rather cool augmented reality photo frame demo

Here’s a little tech demonstration I came across at the Qualcomm Museum. It’s showcasing quite a few different technologies: – Peer-to-peer networking – Augmented reality – Remote control The demonstration shows how you could control the contents of a digital photo frame (or, in this case, a series of frames on the wall) just by […]


Uplinq: Qualcomm’s Museum Tour (Photos & Video)

Qualcomm’s done a lot since it’s inception in 1985. It’s actually rather impressive. The company has been behind some pretty amazing technology trends — something that’s easy to forget in today’s run-fast environment. Therefore I found it a very useful exercise to walk through the recently opened Qualcomm Museum this morning, exploring the company’s key […]