Tim Hadley, Communications Director, Omnifone

We caught up with Tim Hadley, Director of Corporate Communications for Omnifone at the recent MEF Connects @ MWC party in Barcelona. We wondered what Tim thought could be happening in the year ahead and why the MEF is a benefit to those in the mobile industry. Check out his answers here:


Spotify vs iTunes vs Omnifone

Last night I wanted to listen to a song. I’d heard it on the radio and decided I’d ‘get it’. Normally that means a quick search on iTunes and then a ‘buy’ click. Then I need to wait a few seconds for it to actually download. Last night I had done the iTunes search, located […]

Applications Opinion

MusicStation: Music downloading that works for mobiles!

When Ewan informed me of a music downloading service for £1.99 a week, that was actually good, I honestly thought he was pulling my leg. It was either that, or the service was seriously flawed. I was wrong. MusicStation is quite simply, pretty amazing. What I thought really couldn’t work, or ever be good (especially […]