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Do O2’s recent outages highlight the need to have two or more operator accounts for redundancy?

Now that the panic has subsided and those suffering from total disconnection thanks to O2’s recent outages are back online, I wondered if it was time to point out the need for redundancy. In today’s always-on environment, is it good enough to simply stand staring at the wall whilst your phone doesn’t work? I was […]

Applications Devices

RIM’s $100 App World outage compensation: Good move

You’ll have no doubt heard that RIM will shortly be offering $100 worth of application downloads to every consumer as compensation for last week’s outages. This is a good move, for a number of reasons. 1. It’s a tangible offering — real apps, real brand names 2. It’s a recognition of the annoyance and frustration […]


If an operator suffers a critical outage, should they refund customers?

On the 28th of March, T-Mobile Netherlands suffered a catastrophic network outage that resulted in millions of users having their phones transformed from communications devices into paperweights. From what I’ve been told, connectivity was offline for most of the business day. T-Mobile is refusing to offer any compensation citing ‘Force Majeure’. Now then — should […]


Apple admits something’s wrong… Well it couldn’t exactly deny it

Has anyone else been following this MobileMe fiasco?  If you haven’t then click here.  You back with me?  Good. I’m not sure what’s impressed me more, that an Apple application doesn’t simply work or that the company has kept users updated.  Apple has demanded that one of its staff blog on the subject.  The opening […]