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BlackBerry World: Michael Hughes demonstrates a LoopUp conference call

This is Momchil with a video of Michael Hughes demonstrating a LoopUp conference call. Michael Hughes, Co-CEO of LoopUp, shows us how easy it is to set up and operate a conference call with LoopUp. LoopUp makes a conference call easy to handle across multiple devices. In this demo you will see Outlook integration, web […]


Fancy a native Outlook app on iOS for accessing Exchange?

Well this is reportedly on the way. If this is accurate, I think it will be a smart move for Microsoft. Indeed I reckon if they price it correctly, they could make a nice bit of revenue from the millions upon millions of iOS users who are (still?) using Exchange at work. Another alternative would […]


Pinch me: I’m seriously considering dumping Google & going back to Outlook!

I’m not happy at all with Google after their utterly stupendous announcement about dumping their Gmail App support for BlackBerry. With just under two weeks notice before support official ends, I’m stunned that the company thought this was a suitable approach given the fact I spend hundreds and hundreds of pounds with them on Google […]