Video: Using Ovi App Wizard to make an app in seconds

I’ve made a screencast demonstrating just how quickly you can make an application for the Nokia platform using the all new Ovi App Wizard site. It’s entirely free and really, really easy to use. Check out my video and let me know what you think?

The MIR 3.0 Ovi Store app is now live!

Come on! Mobile Industry Review is now live on the Ovi Store! Woo! Last week I sat down for 20 minutes and created an Ovi Store application for Mobile Industry Review. It allows you to browse the MIR feed and the Mobile Developer TV youtube feed. I did this using the all new Ovi App […]


Developer Offscreen knocks back 25 million downloads from Nokia’s Ovi Store

The chances are that you haven’t come across Offscreen Technologies, especially if — like most of the marketplace — you are naturally focused on the iPhone and Android platforms. Offscreen are similar to many popular mobile developers you might care to mention. They create games, productivity apps and general entertainment/fun apps. The only difference is […]


Numo’s SMS Preview hits 1 million Ovi Store downloads

Tomorrow I’m giving a talk at TechCrunch Europe’s GeeknRolla event on the subject of getting big fast in mobile. One of the companies I’ll be looking at is Nokia. I most definitely understand and empathise with the pained expressions I witness whenever I mention the company to mobile developers, however the company’s size and handset […]