Move aside, Apple Pay: Alternative mobile payment options based on your needs

Sure, you know Apple Pay – 23% of iPhone users have used it at least once. And you’re probably aware of PayPal, which has actually existed since 1998 in its web app form. But are you sure you’re using the mobile payment option that suits your personal needs? Let’s take a look at a few […]


Paying for your meal via the restaurant’s own app: Why Delos Solutions are rocking my world!

We keep hearing about the coming mobile payments revolution. The sad reality is that, for the most part, it’s a pipe dream at the moment. The whole industry is busy waiting. Even when I talk to some of the most influential people in the market, they readily acknowledge that we’re all waiting for Apple. It’s […]

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The Pizza Express App: Pay for your meal via PayPal!

Now then, this is brilliant news for all pizza lovers across the United Kingdom — and indeed, anyone else who happens to visit the UK. And anyone who’s been following the burgeoning m-payments space too. You can now pay for your Pizza Express meal using the all new Pizza Express app. It’s fully integrated with […]