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Uplinq: Dvir Reznik – Bizzabo helps establish eye contact, shake hands and meet face-to-face

Momchil here with a demo of Bizzabo, helping out at conferences to communicate with the right people. Dvir Reznik of Bizzabo demonstrates the system helping...

Taking a look at the FLO TV personal TV device

You'll no doubt have been seeing the various posts I've been publishing about Qualcomm's FLO TV device recently. The FLO TV team here...

My Google Latitude is now live to the world

People I know from London keep asking me, “Are you in San Francisco?” and, people from San Francisco keep asking if I’m in London. The where-are-you question is very, very relevant in the context of business so I’ve been trying to solve that with the use of a Where Am I function on my personal site, Ewan.net . I was previously using BlogLoc for this function… but it was getting a little bit annoying having to manually update every time I remembered.

Terrorist attacks in India underline the personal criticality of mobile

In every single piece of reporting I've been reading about the terrorist attacks in India this evening, there's been some kind of mention of...

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