Premium rate spammers now hitting Android

One of the problems with enabling consumers to download and install apps from anywhere on platforms such as Android is that unscrupulous folk can have a lot of fun with it. And make a pile of cash. I do like the flexibility myself however I can’t help but shake my head at the poor end-consumer […]


Premium Rate Fraud Costs UK Mobile Industry a Whopping £140m per year

At least that’s the claim from BillingScore. Now BillingScore does sell software that can identify patterns and unusual behaviour that might indicate fraudulent behaviour, so I suppose they would say that, but from my dealings with operators it doesn’t surprise me that their processes are just not good enough to stop this happening. But £140 […]


Vodafone UK’s premium rate SMS bar (“VSPAM”) stops spam immediately

This is rather interesting — reader ‘John’ posted the link to this in a comment earlier. It’s posted as an announcement on the Vodafone eForum: Hello everyone, Following previous discussions about Premium Rate Short Message Services, I’m delighted to announce that the bar we promised is now available. I’ve written this message to inform you […]