Inkling: McGraw Hill’s new approach looks promising

This is Momchil here with a quick post about interactive books offered by Inkling. Inkling offers interactive content for iPad. The innovative approach to books aims to offer a better alternative to conventional textbooks. Here’s how they describe it: No more heavy, expensive textbooks to carry around campus. Inkling textbooks are more interactive, more flexible […]

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Imagine Publishing gives an iPad to every employee

That’s one way to get the team engaged in new technology, right? Kudos to the management team at Imagine Publishing, one of the brightest sparks in the publishing marketplace. They’ve decided to make sure their team are right there in the fast lane when it comes to digital interactivity. That’s right! Every employee has been […]


McDonalds sued over publishing of nude phone photos

This BBC story caught my eye. The summary? Couple went to McDonalds. Arguably this was their first mistake. Certainly from my wife’s viewpoint, anyway. The chap left his handset by mistake at a store in Fayetteville, Arkansas. Apparently McDonalds staff promised to ‘secure the phone’ until he returned to get it. And then it all […]