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QIK launches on the Blackberry platform

QIK, probably the best mobile video streaming platform has hit the Blackberry platform this morning. The system is alpha and they’ve got it working on almost every modern Blackberry — including the Pearl, the Bold, the Curve and the new Pearl Flip (which is a piece of goodness in itself). Founder Bhaskar is radiating sheer […]

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QIK gets significant funding, two more Board Members

Qik, the nifty little application available for various mobile phones that lets users record video directly on Qik’s servers and broadcast live over any kind of network has just received some investment from Ben Horowitz and Marc Andreessen. Though, the exact amount of the funding, expectedly, has not been disclosed. Co-founder of the social network […]

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QIK launch live streaming video for iPhone

You’ll need a jailbroken iPhone to play, but if you’d like to be amongst the very first to check out QIK‘s iPhone 3G live streaming video service, this is the page you need: http://qik.com/sign_up. Here’s Michael from QIK introducing it and demonstrating it: It works with jailbroken iPhone and iPhone 3G running 2.0 of the […]

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Mobile streaming video: Is the war over? Has QIK won?

I’m wondering if the war is over. I’m looking through the QIK features and the ease of use… has QIK won the mobile 2.0 streaming video war? Or is there more to come? You can, by the way, get yourself a QIK account really easily now. They’ve lifted the beta registration restrictions as of today. […]

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