My Top 7 apps: Terry Cordeiro from Lloyds

I’m back with another Top 7 apps post, this week I have Terry Cordeiro, Head of Proposition Development – Digital Transformation at Lloyds Banking Group. Let’s get on with Terry’s list… – – – – – Evernote and Scannable: Even though these are two apps from Evernote, I have combined them as their combined value is awesome! […]

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Who do I need to sleep with to get NatWest TouchPay?

I just came across this new offering from NatWest: It’s called TouchPay and, well, it does-what-it-says-on-the-tin. The service uses an iCarte case for your iPhone (or, theoretically any phone) to replace a PayWave compatible credit card. The logic being that you carry your phone with you everywhere and it would be a) mega convenient and […]


Fancy becoming Head of Mobile Technology at Royal Bank of Scotland?

I saw this job on LinkedIn and thought I should bring it to the attention of readers — there’s quite a few people I know who I reckon would be a good fit for this one. Hopefully you should be able to visit the URL directly — but if not, search LinkedIn for “Head of […]

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HSBC’s absolutely rubbish business banking app (and its’ brilliant RBS competitor)

Do any of the readers have company accounts with HSBC? Have you tried their HSBC Business app? I have no issue whatsoever telling you that it’s the ugliest piece of rubbish I’ve seen from a multi billion dollar company, ever. I wonder precisely which executive approved this application for publication? It’s horrific. Utterly horrific. When […]


Jobs: Do you know any good mobile product managers or strategy people?

Ed Hodges is a man on a mission for Royal Bank of Scotland. He’s the bank’s Head of Mobile for Business & Commercial and he’s hunting for two permanent staff to join him. He dropped me a note to see if I knew anyone appropriate. I’ve a few ideas — indeed, I think there will […]