It’s time to end the receipt spam, come on!

Will mobile finally put an end to receipt spam? I am hopeful. Or, at least, it might change the dynamic to something a little friendlier. Here’s the problem that I frequently encounter when I’m shopping at Boots here in the UK: 1. You walk up to the till and hand over the goods you wish […]


Smythson of Bond Street also does email receipts

Just like the Apple Store! I was in Smythson on Bond Street earlier today (obligatory Christmas shopping) and was significantly impressed when the lady serving me (Vicky — thank you) asked if she could email my receipt. Yes please. I love it. No messing around with bits of paper months later when I want to […]

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Shoeboxed: I’m really enjoying dumping the clutter

Have you checked out recently? It’s the service that takes physical paper clutter from you and then scans/organises it in an online locker. I’ve been using it for receipts, business cards, bills, invoices — all the sorts of things I tend to have to hoard just-in-case. More recently I’ve been using either their app […]

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M-Commerce: I want digital receipts, now!

I was doing a bit of research on digital receipts and came across this article from Stephanie Clifford over at the New York Times. Have a read: Major retailers, including Whole Foods Market, Nordstrom, Gap Inc. (which owns Old Navy and Banana Republic), Anthropologie, Patagonia, Sears and Kmart, have begun offering electronic versions of receipts, […]