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Join the MIR BlackBerry Messenger Group for a week

Yesterday, reader Mike added me as a contact on BlackBerry Messenger. He wanted to check out BlackBerry Messenger — and he hadn’t actually tried out BlackBerry Messenger Groups. I was delighted to help. BBM Groups are actually really, really funky. But if you’ve been sat with a ‘business’ BlackBerry, primarily using it for email, you […]

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My business critical Bold 9700 isn’t: JVM Error 545

This evening at about 430pm my business critical top of the range BlackBerry Bold 9700 went blank except for an annoying small and inexplicable, unhelpful message: JVM Error 545. Joy. It’s rendered the device absolutely useless. I saw it and took out the battery immediately smiling with an embarrassed look in case anyone in Starbucks […]

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Chen Kotecha of Scancom on their end-to-end BlackBerry service

If you’re looking to deploy BlackBerry in your organisation, whether it’s for 2 people or 2,000, chances are you’d be far better speaking to a specialist like Scancom than popping down to your local Vodafone store. I bumped into Chen Kotecha of Scancom UK yesterday and asked if he could give me an overview of […]

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PocketCop for BlackBerry and The Baltimore Police Department

I just interviewed Sergeant Sheree Briscoe along with Gayle Guildford, Director of MIS, both from Baltimore Police Department. They are here at the BlackBerry WES2010 event to talk about their experiences implementing PocketCop. PocketCop, as you might expect, is a mobile policing system based on the BlackBerry platform. PocketCop is provided by InterAct. The system […]

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Lenel: Control your office security system from your BlackBerry

I just watched a presentation from Joshua Phillips, Director of Marketing at security specialists, Lenel. Joshua and his colleague Justin were showing off their latest product set that enables their customers to remotely manage their security systems from their BlackBerry devices anywhere on the planet. So, for example, you could use the Lenel mobile system […]

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Anyone for BlackBerry Enterprise Server Express? It’s free!

Just got this in from BlackBerry’s European PR: Research In Motion (RIM) has today launched BlackBerry® Enterprise Server Express as a free download from www.blackberry.co.uk/serverexpress. BlackBerry® Enterprise Server Express is free new server software that wirelessly and securely synchronizes BlackBerry® smartphones with Microsoft® Exchange or Microsoft® Windows® Small Business Server. Learn more about BlackBerry Enterprise […]

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BlackBerry sell 50 million handsets

In news we almost missed this week, Research In Motion came out with their figures from the last quarter with some other interesting stats that we thought we’d bring you. An email wandered past our already massively cluttered desk this week with a mammoth of Mobile World Congress invites. This was on the subject of […]

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It’s a dark day for Storms

The Wall Street Journal has just run a piece on the failings of the BlackBerry Storm and problems that plagued it soon after its launch in the States, some of which were clearly mirrored elsewhere in the world *cough* It’s an interesting read, which contains items that even our deft investigation did not uncover to […]

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