Ouch, the latest phishing scam I’ve seen involves your mobile operator and a huge bill

“You’ve just run up a £300 quid bill with O2… click here to check out your bill”. Text like that would have most of us clicking right-away, whilst screaming, “WHAAAAAT???” really loudly. Sadly, the first link you’re prompted to click on downloads a seriously suspicious zip file to your computer. Nicely done, hackers, nicely done. […]

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Alan Ranger of Cloudmark saving the virtual world from malicious attacks

This is Momchil with a video covering various mobile spam topics. Alan Ranger, VP Mobile at Cloudmark, discusses mobile spam and presents Cloudmark’s methods to fight it. Cloudmark started with protecting the email world from attacks, then moved to the social networking world, and currently concentrates on mobile network protection from various spam SMS and […]


Apple’s MobileMe hit in email scam

Online scammers – the type that usually send you badly worded emails with shoddy graphics asking you to give up all your bank details or eBay password – have found themselves a new target in the form of Apple’s MobileMe service. According to Computerworld, the scammers sent out emails to MobileMe subscribers trying the usual […]