E*TRADE comes to the BlackBerry

If you fancy a bit of wheeling and dealing on the go, then share trading company E*TRADE has come up with a bit of software that should help you. The E*TRADE Mobile Pro software pretty much does everything the desktop version does, only this time on your BlackBerry. According to E*TRADE, the software has: • […]


Nokia: There may be trouble ahead

Interesting results out of Nokia this week: despite some promising numbers, like net sales up 28 percent year on year and device volumes up around about the same, it looks like the money men weren’t impressed by the results. Why? Nokia’s warning things won’t always be as rosy. “Nokia expects the mobile device market to […]


Branson loses $250 as Virgin Mobile USA stumbles

If Virgin boss Richard Branson weren’t so rich, he might a bit disheartened right now. According to The Times, the drop in Virgin Mobile USA’s share price have caused Branson a personal loss of over $250 million, with the stock falling by 85 percent since the company floated on the stock exchange. The share price […]