ShoZu Photo Of The Day: Like the hat!

Today’s ShoZu Photo Of The Day is: Andrew Grill writes: I was one of those responsible for the 45% increase in traffic – Shozu (should that be snozu?) for uploads to Flickr via E71 and Shozu And if you’d like to view more of Andrew’s London Snow pictures, get’em here.

ShoZu Photo Of The Day

Today’s ShoZu Photo Of The Day is from me, Ewan. I confidently asserted over the weekend that ‘this Snow alert rubbish will be over in a day’. Rare is it for the South East of the UK to be trapped under snow for more than a day. And surprise, surprise, the snow is melting this […]


The ShoZu Weekend begins tomorrow

Rome. We’re off to Rome tomorrow morning at the unlikely time of 7.30am. Unlikely because I suspect we’d all very much rather be in bed at that time on a Saturday morning. Let alone having to worry about being at the airport two hours before. The MIR Show team is heading to Rome to produce […]

ShoZu Photo Of The Day: Live Updates

In curating the arriving ShoZu Photo Of The Day suggestions, I this one stood out for me — partly because WOMWorld dropped me a note to see if I’d like to try out an E71 (yes) and partly because this photo is an excellent, excellent indication of the business usage of ShoZu. Our very own […]

ShoZu Photo Of The Day: Sun!

Good morning from Malaga. I’ve hijacked the ShoZu Photo Of The Day feature to bring you some much needed sun! I took this photo just a few moments ago on the iPhone and uploaded via ShoZu. It’s the view of the Mediterranean from the Melia Hotel. Even today at the end of January, there’s a […]

ShoZu Photo Of The Day – E51’s North Downs

Jonathan Jensen is our billing uber-expert and regular contributor here at Mobile Industry Review. Do can read his back catalogue here. Today’s ShoZu Photo Of The Day is from Jonathan. And his Nokia E51. When I read that in the email I thought, ‘uh oh — a picture from an E51..’ And whilst Jonathan says […]

ShoZu Photo Of The Day: MIR keeps your clothes soft

Today’s Shozu Photo Of The Day is a gifted one. Reader Neil Robertson was in a supermarket in Les Gets in the French Alps. Whilst Neil was no doubt skiing the length and breadth of the valley most of the time, he did pop into the local supermarket. And was astonished to find this Mobile […]

ShoZu Photo Of The Day: Freezin’ February Morning

Today’s ShoZu Photo Of The Day was contributed by MIR team member, Samantha (her weekly column goes live today at 1pm). Here’s Samantha’s reasoning: I’ve chosen this is because I was walking to school on a frozen Febuary morning last year; and I had my D600 (then my mobile) out, and I saw how the […]

ShoZu Photo Of The Day: Mad Brits on the Beach

Today’ ShoZu Photo Of The Day comes from regular contributor Ricky Chotai. Here’s what Ricky has to say about it: This my Shozu photo of the day. It was back in August when the chaps at WOM world sent me the N82, Shozu and QIK were the first applications I put on it. I then […]

ShoZu Photo Of The Day: Nokia Exclusives

Today’s ShoZu Photo Of The Day is from our very own Ben Smith. If you remember way-back in — was it November? — we were sent a Nokia E63 to test by the useful and industrious WOMWorld guys. It arrived in Ben’s office and within seconds the world was having a look: I asked Ben […]

ShoZu Photo Of The Day

Mobile Industry Review reader David Carrington lucked out when he won the Vodafone Netbook in the MIR Christmas Presents draw last month — thanks to your support we raised £2,059.96 for our two charities. Vodafone’s Find Live Guy campaign donated the netbook — thank you Vodafone (more details here). Well, today’s ShoZu Photo Of The […]

ShoZu Photo Of The Day: Fun Facts? NO thanks!

Today’s ShoZu Photo Of The Day is a screenshot. My screenshot. I’ve included this in our ShoZu daily line up because I was particularly keen to document a ‘feature’ of the service I use a lot. I use Anthony Pranata’s brilliant ‘Screenshot’ for Symbian to capture screenshots on my Nokia N95 8GB. When I take […]