The Digital Native divide: How difficult is it to send photos to Granny?

What constitutes a Digital Native? It used to be ‘us lot’ didn’t it? Anyone working in and around the technology space. A few years ago, you could probably have defined the term as ‘anyone who knows how to properly use a Nokia N95’. Because if you spent enough time learning how Symbian worked, you probably […]

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Video: My Abroadband SIM has arrived

My Abroadband SIM arrived yesterday — finally. DHL tried to deliver it just a few days after I placed the order but there was no one home hence the delay. I’m delighted to say that it’s everything I expected: Clear packaging, simple instructions, evidently the output of a team of smart people who’ve really thought […]


Just bought one of these…

I’ll let you know what it’s like. More information over at


Jonathan Jensen on Thursday – Rebtel; simple, convenient international calling

There are lots of neat mobile VoIP services out in the market – two of my favourites are Truphone and DeFi mobile because of the way they embed themselves into a Nokia S60 handset, provide an additional phone number and just work where there’s WiFi. However one provider that I’ve been taking another look at […]