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Sky Go Extra: It finally worked

I’ve been pretty vocal recently about how shit the Sky Go Extra service is. I am astonished that the team there even let it out the building alive. There must have been some real pressure to deliver and I seriously doubt whether any of the senior executives have bothered taking a look at it. Or […]


Sky Go Extra: Still a bunch of toss for me

If you recall I have been trying to get Sky Go Extra to work. The idea is simple: If you’re a Sky customer you are meant to be able to download a selection (admittedly limited) of episodes for consumption on your mobile device of choice. The day I posted my rant, I found the Sky […]


Sky Go Extra: Possibly the shittest service I’ve used this year

Let’s not mince words. Sky Go Extra is rubbish. There we go. Cathartic. What the frack are you thinking, Sky? Your advertising smarts have done a brilliant job with the “Sky TV, now available on trains” messaging. The message is brilliant. The actual user experience is simply dire. You cannot, you SIMPLY cannot go to […]