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HP’s new rock on the horizon – the Topaz

After the recent monstrosity that was the Slate, HP’s new attempt on the tablet market is the “Topaz”. The specs released recently (see this link) do not impress me to say the least, however there are certain interesting features. This device should have been released to the market yesterday, but instead it’s still in concept […]

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HP Slate 500: Yup, looks like I was right, it’s pretty limited

A little while ago, a small band of HP / Windows fanatics were less than impressed by my assertion that the HP Slate 500 looked to be pretty poor (Read: “HP’s Slate 500 looks an absolute nightmare“). I cited the ridiculous (yet highly professional) marketing video that demonstrated multi-touch display working really badly when displaying […]


HP’s Slate 500 looks an absolute nightmare

Have you checked out HP’s all new Slate tablet device? The videos hit the web recently and I made a note to sit down and document my utter dismay. The ‘Slate 500’ is 8.9″ and it runs Windows 7. Let me just stop there. Oh dear. Dear me, dear me. That automatically means it will […]