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I’ll take one of those BlackBerry Bold Slider handsets, thank you

The delicious Kevin Michaluk of CrackBerry has posted some nicer photos and more details about the all new BlackBerry Bold Slider handset. All...

RumourMill: New Palm phone

News of a new Palm mobile has been doing the rounds, with CrunchGear apparently having the exclusive lowdown on what's what. The site has it...

RumourMill: BlackBerry touch screen Bold coming soon

A posting over at Gizmodo via the original source of a Tmonews forum item has a leaked image of the RIM roadmap, with a...

Nokia E72 slider or E75 candybar, anyone?

Innovation! ...If these images are to be believed (via Engadget / Symbian Freak) Which one will you have? I quite like the slider one... (Thanks Mark)

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