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Uplinq: Geoff Stead, Tribal Labs talks Mobile Education Technology

This is Momchil with the new videos filmed at the Qualcomm Uplinq 2012 event! In this video Geoff Stead of Tribal Labs talks about the future of mobile education technology. Geoff is Head of Innovation at Tribal Labs, concentrating on Mobile Learning. At Tribal Labs, Cambridge, UK, it’s all about the blend between “the technology, […]


HTC Smart (the Brew one) launches on India’s Airtel at £148 price point

Good news for Qualcomm and HTC as they continue their race across the simply stupendously large development marketplace. To India, then — Bharti Airtel have announced that they will launch the HTC Smart in 30 Indian cities. The ‘market operating price’ will be 9,990 Rupees — or approximately 148 Pounds Sterling ($222). Now in a […]


The CTIA PR team are really smart

I was wondering whether I would have to pay 600 dollars for a ticket for my assistant to get her in to the event to help me. You know how some conference organisers are highly anal about these things? It was with some trepidation that I approached the event PR team and asked. Cheryl Delgreco […]