Devices Opinion

The best smartphones of the past decade

Back in 2004, Android and iOS didn’t exist, Nokia was at the pinnacle of its stranglehold on the industry and the 3G network revolution had only just begun. In the past ten years we’ve witnessed the birth of the truly modern smartphone, with features that seemed like flights of fancy at the time. But today, every phone worth its salt can play videos and […]

Operators Opinion

Apple SIM: bad news for mobile operators?

Apple SIM quietly introduced Anyone who saw last week’s Apple keynote (where the company predictably introduced new iPad, Retina iMac and Mac Mini models) probably missed the moment when Apple quietly introduced its carrier-neutral Apple SIM in cellular versions of the iPad Air 2 and iPad Mini 3, in what could prove to be a disruptive move for the mobile industry. The Apple SIM […]


IDC’s smartphone forecast: 55% increase this year, reckons 1 billion will ship by 2015

Right then, here’s some useful information for anyone who’s having to get their presentations sorted for the next quarterly board meeting. The chaps over at IDC have released their latest forecast and it makes for stimulating reading. You won’t be surprised by the Symbian statistics, will you? IDC has their marketshare for 2011 at a […]


Smartphones are shit; I’m going back to a real phone

I’ve had enough. There is ONLY so much time and energy I can give a sodding ‘Smartphone’ before it winds me up. Nothing on Earth in the Smartphone category seems to satisfy me. I want all these whizzy mobile ‘toys’ — applications, extensions, fast data, decent camera — and whilst your average iPhone, T-Mobile G1 […]