Critical Kit: Harmon Kardon Nova 2 Bluetooth speakers

This week’s Critical Kit is a slight departure from the norm, in that the Harmon Kardon speakers I’m recommending don’t strictly have anything to do with mobile. They are Bluetooth-enabled however, so you can use them with a mobile phone, tablet, or pretty much any other wireless device. Our Critical Kit section usually features a selection of interesting gadgets and devices – some […]

Devices Opinion

What’s your speaker system of choice for your PC?

Ok this isn’t quite mobile per se. But we’re all geeks here, yes? So I could use your help. Right now I have no speaker system for my Mac Pro. I used to have a JBL Creature set — but that’s at my other place. So right now I’m using the Mac Pro speaker — […]


Speakers required for The MIR Twitter Summit

I’m hosting a Twitter Summit. I get it now. I’ve always got the status concept — and the ‘immediate immediacy’ that is Twitter. But I’ve been seriously, seriously bothered by the complete and unmitigated rubbish that many Twitter users engage in (e.g. I had bacon for breakfast. It was nice.) Having found a way of […]