Look into my eyes… there is NO antennagate

Steve and Co. at Apple have just been on stage explaining that there isn’t a problem with their antenna. They are offering all iPhone 4 customers a free case to mitigate the problem. And, of course, a refund to anyone who wants one. I think this is the way ahead. I think it’s right to […]

Applications Services

Visual Studio to enable iPhone app development on Windows?

Gizmodo is reporting that analyst Trip Chowdhry reckons Microsoft’s Steve Ballmer will be on stage with Steve Jobs briefly at the WWDC Apple Keynote next month. Why? Well, Trip reckons that he’ll be there to talk Visual Studio: What will Ballmer be evangelizing about during Apple’s big iPhone 4 reveal? Err, Visual Studio 2010, according […]


YouGetItBack works for Steve of The Hot Aisle

The last time I bumped into Steve, founder of The Hot Aisle IT Operations news site, I noticed he had one of those YouGetItBack stickers on his Nokia N95 8GB. Good thing he did. He left it in a taxi recently: I didn’t even register that I had lost it until I got an email […]