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Survey: What Apple Watch model are you going to buy?

So, you’re going to have to buy an Apple Watch, right? If you work in the mobile world, the chances are you’re going to either want to (or have to) buy one. Whether you like the idea or not, we all have to face the reality: Apple is clearly betting big on ‘Watch’ and it […]

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Unlimited Drinks April Survey Results

Hello — Ewan here — at the most recent Unlimited Drinks we decided to do a quick survey of the attendees. My initial idea was to give everyone a pen and an A5 sheet of paper with three easy questions on it. However eventually we ended up having Momchil walk and talk to every attendee […]

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Only 10% of buyers choose based on design; loyalty non-existent

A stimulating survey in from WDS Global who’ve just spoken to 1,000 customers globally. The results? Here are the key points: Price is the number one purchasing factor Consumer purchasing decisions of mobile phones are overwhelmingly made on price, with 49% of consumers citing it as the most important factor; only 7% based their purchase […]

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Nokia’s Maemo: 43% of mobile developers in favour

So it’s time for today’s survey item and I’m taking a break from Vodafone 360 — this time we’re looking at Maemo.  If you recall, we’ve been running a mobile developer sentiment survey as part of the report we’re writing for an investment bank.   The survey is aimed at measuring sentiment, nothing more. (And the […]

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Survey shows battery life as biggest mobile complaint

I picked up the Reevoo.com survey of 31,000 UK mobile phone buyers this morning. Here’s the best features: 15.3% demonstrates that above all, UK purchasers want a handset that looks good. It’s a fashion item. A measly amount want email — only 1.2%. That’s to be expected though when you talk to normobs. I’m not […]

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