Blowing the whistle on Twitter at SXSW

I’m delighted to publish this op-ed piece from Brendon Craigie, Hotwire Group CEO. Brendon was on site at SWXW (the lucky man, I’ve never made it yet!) and I asked him to summarise his experience from a social standpoint. Over to Brendon. – – – – – Each year thousands of people descend on Austin, […]


Is this the break-out app of SXSW? ;-)

Ewan Spence together with Tom Scott came up with this rather appropriate South-by-South-West location-based multi-dimensional context-sensitive mobile web-based application. Quite simply it tracks the great Robert Scoble to help answer the fundamental question, Is Scoble In This Room? All you have to do is fire up your web browser or mobile web browser to determine […]


Apple builds temporary store at SXSW for iPad 2

Geez. Is there no end to the wonder that is Apple? 😉 MG Siegler over at TechCrunch has the details: You see, we’ve known for months that it’s the first day of the SXSW conference in Austin, Texas. But last Wednesday, Apple announced it would also be the day that the iPad 2 officially goes […]