Sean Malatesta of IG Fun talks about Bioshock

We bumped into Sean of mobile games specialists, IG Fun. He was really excited to tell us about the fact that their new game, Bioshock, is coming out shortly on a range of multiple platforms. He’s a great chap, Sean. Check out his video introduction. MIR Show – Sean Malatesta of IG Fun from Mobile […]

MIR Show – jMac talks to Andrew Grill

After Andrew Grill‘s brief yet comprehensive presentation at last night’s Every Single One Of Us event, here he is waxing lyrical about the state of the mobile marketing industry with interviewer Jonathan MacDonald. MIR Show – jMac takeover – Andrew Grill from Mobile Industry Review on Vimeo.

MIR Show – jMac talks to James Whatley on mobile

In Jonathan MacDonald’s (“jMac”) next episode of his mobile advertising series here on Mobile Industry Review, he talks with James Whatley (of SpinVox and The discussion takes place around mobile advertising and in particular mobile privacy. One of my favourite points in today’s video is where James points out that he WANTS to me […]

MIR Show – jMac talks to Freddy from Mobixell

Jonathan MacDonald (“jMac”) explores the world of mobile advertising in his 5 episode series on Mobile Industry Review beginning today. Episode one features a discussion with Freddy Friedman, Director of Marketing, Mobile Advertising at Mobixell Networks. I was planning on editing this down to sub 10 minutes — but after watching it through multiple times, […]