FCC 700MHz Auction Hits Reserve, Opens Doors

The FCC’s 700MHz frequency auction is in full swing, and hit an important milestone today. The “C” block, the one everyone wants, finally reached the reserve price of US$4.6 billion. This triggers the requirement that whoever wins this particular block of airwaves is required to operate it ‘open’, allowing any compatible device to access it. […]


Kadoink mobilising your socialising with $7m

Congratulations to the team at Kadoink — they’ve just knocked back $7m worth of funding. Link: Kadoink Announces $7M Series A Funding with Sutter Hill Ventures Kadoink, a web telephony service for social media that enables enhanced group communication and mass distribution of SMS, live and recorded voice messaging and audio file streams over the […]

Top Ten Most Annoying Voicemails

Spinvox recently put together a list of the top ten most annoying voicemails that people get. Its funny that most of these are common occurences, at least in my experience. Here’s the list: The Marathon Message – The extremely long voicemail that never ends. The Death March – Leaving a phone number at the end […]

SpinVox Helps Cover CES 2008

At Nokia World, Ricky Cadden, Symbian-Guru used Spinvox to update his Jaiku and provide his readers with live updates from the event. For CES 2008, his place is taken by Laura-Jane “L-J” Rich, a UK-based TV presenter and technology journalist to provide live coverage, courtesy of Spinvox. Laura-Jane will be using Spinvox’s “Spin-My-Blog” product to […]

BBC’s 15p call-cap for premium rate competitions

Link: BBC caps call costs at 15p as contests return after scandals | Media | The Guardian The BBC is to introduce a cap on the cost of calling premium phone lines as it prepares to reintroduce two of its most popular competitions, it announced yesterday. From this week, calls to BBC programmes using premium […]


Are Cellphones Replacing Landlines? DUH!

I’ve had this article on InformationWeek starred in my Google Reader for a while now, and wanted to post some commentary on it. I absolutely *hate* when people ask this question. “Are cellphones replacing landlines?” Um, yes, of course. I mean, seriously, is this even still a valid question? I’ve not had a landline number […]


Babelfish for Phones Possible?

It might be a stretch, but Google has introduced new Bots for its Google Talk service that will automatically translate IM conversations on the fly. For it to work, both chatters must add the appropriate bot to the conversation, and off it goes. For instance, if I wanted to chat with someone in Germany, I […]

Some X-Factor fans couldn’t cast their votes last night

Much of the United Kingdom came to a halt last night with when wicked television presenter, Dermot O’Leary uttered the buttock-freezing line, “And the winner is…..” as the wide angle camera zoomed slowly into a lone stage featuring finalists Leon and Rhydian awaiting their fate. Prior to that, tons and tons of Rhydian fans had […]


MAXroam sign deal with CelTek toward tel & data roaming

SMS Text News sponsor, MAXroam has signed a strategic alliance deal with Global Romaing Inc. ( The deal combines the marketing reach and technical know-how of both companies into a single partnership. It’ll enable both companies to offer offer extended geographic coverage and data roaming on their existing products. This is a substantial step forward […]


Lebara Mobile targets UK migrant market with MVNO

I had a note in from Vodafone UK today to tell me about their new partnership with Lebara Mobile. Lebara is a mobile MVNO aimed at permanently based UK immigrants and migrant workers in the UK who want to use their mobile to (primarily) call overseas. Right now, if you grab a Vodafone pay as […]

Qantas mobile testing restricted to texts and emails

Link: Qantas extends test of in-flight cellphone use The Qantas trial has only allowed SMS text messages and e-mails – which is a great compromise. Weary jet-setters won’t have to worry about that annoying loud-talker taking the seat next to them. It looks like the rest of the world is set to allow in-flight mobile […]

Tyntec launches Voice Network Query

Mobile messaging services provider TynTec has just launched a new service which will allow major telecoms carriers to route voice calls to mobile phones directly to their destination network operator. The new service, called Voice Network Query, will overcome the issue of onward routing of voice calls to ported mobile numbers, thus reducing the issue […]