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Esendex Consolidates the SMS Market

The SMS market looks like it is hotting up again. It was arguably Esendex, the Nottingham based business SMS experts, that started this trend with its MBO and acquisition of Text Marketer last year. Well, it looks as if Esendex might be one of the last ones standing at the end too as it has […]

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TextMe turns your iPod Touch into a phone

Very, very interesting move this. If you live your life in-and-around WiFi you wouldn’t need a mobile operator… Given the chance, you would probably turn your iPod Touch into a fully working iPhone, right? TextMe is launching in the U.S. today with an app that will get you close to that dream. “The real vision […]

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There are 3 folk on my train iMessaging right now

I’m on the train on the way into Richmond. It’s busy an I’m surrounded by people using iPhone 4 or 4S devices. These are normal people. Not geeks. On lady looks to be in her early 20s, another chap looks about 30 and the other guy must be late 40s. Each of them have been […]

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Video: Jeff Lawson, CEO/Co-Founder of Twilio

Late last year I managed to pop by the Twilio offices in San Francisco to meet with Jeff Lawson, the company’s rockstar CEO and co-founder. Twilio’s brilliance has been enabling anybody to use their telecoms infrastructure API to do almost anything you need with a telephone — and also with SMS. So, for example, if […]

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Operator Innovation: Let me access my SMS everywhere?

Hello dear reader, it’s me again with another Operator Innovation post. The series has been terrifically well received — thank you once more to all the executives from around the industry who’ve complemented us. And hello to the chaps from o2 Innovation who, almost every week, point out that they’re working on something very similar. […]

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Vodafone’s marketing SMS leaves me clueless

So last week I was having a good time with Vodafone. This morning I got this comparatively useless text to let me know that ‘prices are changing’.   This is really good — a text update, I will obviously read it — but the call-to-action? Visit some site that isn’t even linkable from my phone browser? Who […]

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Text-to-donate still a huge rip off [updated]

You’d have thought that as we are almost entering the year 2011, the UK mobile industry would have collectively got it’s act together regarding text donations. Alas no. This ad is currently running on Southwest Trains and is aiming to raise money for ‘Our Heroes’ — that is, the British Forces Foundation serving wounded troops. […]

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Ivy4evr: Channel4’s explicit SMS drama

I had a note in from reader James to tell me about Ivy4evr, Channel 4’s new ‘explicit SMS drama’. You only have to visit the site to determine that it’s a rather ‘edgy’ concept. The site explains that our key character, Ivy, has left home because ‘Lilsis’ (is that ‘little sister’ or somebody else, who […]

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Text the school nurse for a morning-after pill

The morning-after emergency contraceptive pill is to be made available to schoolgirls at six schools in Oxfordshire here in the UK. And the medium of request is text messaging. If you’ve been having a bit of jiggery-pokery and you think the contraception might have failed; or if you didn’t bother and you’re in a blind […]

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115,000 Brits text [Mid-East] CEASEFIRE in 3 days

Save The Children ran a text campaign, via the chaps at Incentivated, recently, regarding the current Middle East conflict. It garnered 115,000 responses. All you had to do was text CEASEFIRE to 81819. The appeal was carried in half/full page ads in UK newspapers The Guardian, Daily Mail and Sunday Times amongst others. Smart. The […]

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