Motorola’s smart try-before-you-buy direct sales concept

This is a rather unique try-before-you-buy concept from Motorola as The Next Web reports: The company is asking for just $0.01 upfront, in exchange for which interested customers are given a no-contract phone which they are free to try out for up to two weeks. Those taking part can personalize their device using the Moto Maker site as […]

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Reaction: “How I lost my $50k Twitter ID: A cautionary tale”

I happened upon this post by Naoki Hiroshima over at The Next Web today and it did hit home, especially because I am a Google Apps user, just like Naoki.  The quick summary is this: A rather smart individual wanted his @n Twitter account. Rather unique I’m sure you’ll agree. In order to get it, […]


MacLeod, roaming and The Next Web

Kudos and thanks to the highly proficient Martin Bryant, European Editor of The Next Web for including me in his recent piece on data roaming. Thank you Martin. Do follow Martin on Twitter here: @MartinSFP Here’s the link: Why using data on your phone abroad is so expensive, and how to save money It’s a […]