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Jonathan Jensen on Thursday – What I’m looking for from my favourite mobile companies in the New Year

As we head towards the end of the year I’ve been thinking about some of the mobile companies and applications I’ve looked at this year and what’s missing from their line up. So, I’ve highlighted the key service enhancement I’d like to see from each of them in 2009. The mobile VoIP space is a […]

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Jonathan Jensen on Thursday – Thinking about mobile tariffs

Recently I’ve been canvassing opinion about tariffs. I asked the question ‘How many mobile tariffs meet the basic tenets of simplicity & predictability?’ Every answer I received was ‘none’, which got me thinking. What should tariffs look like and is anyone offering ‘customer friendly’ tariffs yet? Mobile tariffs expect customers to guess what their usage […]

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Jonathan Jensen on Thursday – Mobile phone, converged device or communications device?

Mobile phones are at the heart of the convergence of communications with multimedia applications like photos, music, GPS and gaming. Increasingly, consumers are buying devices that support multimedia creation and consumption, however many of these devices still seem to be compromises that don’t deliver outstanding functionality across all applications. They do some tasks very well […]

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