Tomi Ahonen interviewed at Connected Creativity

Tomi Ahonen gave one of the morning’s prominent keynotes at MIPTV’s Connected Creativity conference in Cannes last week. Described on Twitter recently as the High Priest of SMS, Tomi Ahonen is an author, consultant and expert presenter. He jumped on stage and began electrifying the audience of television, movie and content executives with his pronouncements […]

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10% of British teenagers think it’s ok to text whilst having sex #mipcc

At Connected Creativity this week, one of the presentations I was really looking forward to seeing was the one from industry commentator, author and consultant, Tomi Ahonen. His task was to discuss the growth of mobility around the globe in the context of the media and entertainment industry audience at the event. I think he […]


Nokia’s fall from grace: The Background Story

Yesterday, Tomi Ahonen posted yet another magnum opus chronicling Nokia under Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo’s reign. It makes for absolutely compelling reading, especially — and I mean especially — if you’re drinking the Apple Koolaid, or if you are curious as to how Nokia was once regarded as an impregnable super-brand and now is effectively relegated to […]

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CTIA CEO on Tomi Ahonen’s “outrageous & factually incorrect statements”

There’s an absolutely fascinating argument burgeoning between Steve Largent, President & CEO of CTIA (the American Wireless Association) and mobile industry analyst/commentator, Tomi Ahonen. Ahonen posted this excellent diatribe laying into the American mobile industry (primarily the operators). Steve wasn’t happy. Not at all. So unhappy was he, that he ended up having to question […]