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Toshiba slims down with new handset

At the only mobile phone launch in London MIR didn’t attend in months, Tosh launched the TG01 – the slimmest of the slim phones, pre-empting the Mobile World Congress announcements by a matter of weeks. Toshiba is calling this handset a ‘revolution in mobile entertainment’, how it presents itself by backing up this claim is […]

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Carphone Warehouse pre-Christmas event

I wandered over to Victoria this evening take a look at what would be big for Christmas this year from Carphone Warehouse (silly name, good shop). It ranged from the ‘meh’ to the ‘wow’ so here’s a quick overview in pictures.  The event was organised as a ‘home’ with each vendor in a different room… […]

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Toshiba shutters mobile TV service

Is this the deathknell for broadcast mobile TV? Toshiba’s four year old mobile telly subsidiary, Mobile Broadcasting Corporation, is soon to be shut down. Says Toshiba: “Since its establishment, Mobile Broadcasting Corporation has provided diverse services in an attempt to build a subscriber base and enlarge its business. However, the number of subscribers has not […]

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DoCoMo tries to get Softbank to ditch handset

Japanese mobile giant DoCoMo has filed a complaint against competitor Softbank, with DoCoMo alleging that one of its rival’s handsets bears a little too much of a resemblance to one of its own devices, the Financial Times says. According to the paper, DoCoMo is trying to get the disputed device withdrawn from sale, after the […]

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