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Wishful thinking from Microsoft

A video conference? From a British train? Almost impossible for more than 20 seconds, surely? 😉 (I found this advert on the train to Basingstoke)


Free WiFi coming to Northern Ireland Translink commuters

Now then, this absolutely rocks. WiFi on trains makes a lot of sense. It’s not necessarily new — indeed I’ve been using WiFi on trains in the UK for quite a while, but only on big trunk routes, not smaller commuter lines. Here’s the overview thanks to cellular-news: Translink NI Railways, the Northern Ireland UK […]

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WiFi on trains? There’s a conference for that!

My message to the train operators attending TrainComms2011 is JFDI. In case translation is required: Just frakking* do it. This June, BWCS will host its sixth annual WiFi on Trains Conference Train Communications Systems 2011, with train operators from all over the world due to speak and attend. The conference will be dominated by real […]