New transcription offering makes HulloMail’s voicemail service better than ever

I’ve always been a fan of voicemail transcription services. I simply cannot, CANNOT stand seeing a list of voicemails and then having to click through them in a panicked manner, wondering just what is waiting for me. Visual voicemail does fix this a little bit — but for the longest time I’ve wanted the ability […]


Hello from the Apple dictation system on the new iPad

So this is Ewan and I am writing this text via my new Apple iPad. I say writing what I actually means is that I’m speaking opposed to the Apple iPad is translating my text into writing. I will not make any error corrections except I will try and speak clearly so that the system […]


VoxSciences will keep SpinVox users connected

After my post yesterday about HulloMail, SpinVox users about to be switched off might like to check out the voice-to-text service from VoxSciences. Unlike SpinVox, VoxSciences are profitable — although the facility is not free of charge. There are two basic service plans: I know quite a few readers who are utterly delighted with their […]