London tube phone signal plans shelved = too difficult

Alas it all proved far too difficult… Plans to build a mobile phone network on London Underground in time for the Olympic Games have been abandoned.The UK’s four mobile operators on Thursday said they had concluded it would not be possible to build the network in time for the Olympics starting next July. via […]

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I don’t oppose the London Underground’s WiFi plans

I’m not a Londoner anymore. I live in Marlow, Buckinghamshire. However I’m in London most days so I feel I have some right to stand up and be counted here. Have a read of this: Some 55 per cent of 950 people questioned said they did not want Transport for London to go ahead with […]


Nokia isn’t releasing a touch-screen smartphone

Well, not yet…. It’s just a music phone people. The fresh round of leaked photos of the device we’ve all been calling the ‘Tube’ which first made it’s fleeting public appearance in that Batman movie has got everyone (including the usually-calm Financial Times on Tuesday) talking about Nokia’s new ‘smartphone’.  Some of the more breathless […]