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30% of people to watch Christmas TV on connected devices

Christmas is just around the corner, and many of us will spend a lot of the holidays watching TV. In fact, Christmas TV viewing across devices is estimated to reach almost 300 million hours a day over the festive season, with almost half of the population spending more time online over Christmas than during rest of the year. As the […]

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Smartphones are changing TV viewing habits, especially among the younger generation

With traditional television markets facing disruption around the world by way of competition with streaming video services, it’s no surprise that the proliferation of smartphones and tablets is rapidly changing TV viewing habits, particularly among the younger generation. Smartphone TV viewing on the rise You may have missed it but Ofcom issued a report a couple of […]

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Are Mobile TV and Video Still Killer Apps?

Mobile TV and video were once considered “killer apps” that would entice subscribers to use more data, helping the networks increase ARPU and hold onto customers in an increasingly cutthroat market. Video was perhaps thought of as a panacea that would prevent operators becoming merely bit-pipes; but in reality, this is the situation they face […]

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Richard Kastelein of talks at Connected Creativity

Richard Kastelein is founder of App Market TV, an internet portal dedicated to the convergence of media. Richard has been in Social TV since 2007 and he tells us about his experience in Social TV, TV Apps and Connected TV. Here is the video:


Sylvain Audigier of TF1 discussing Connected TV at MIPTV

Sylvain Audigier – Broadcasting, Innovation and New Technology Director at TF1 talks to us at Connected Creativity. TF1 is a French Free-To-Air leader with 24% market share. Sylvain discusses the growth Connected TV in the next 3-5 years. More about the TV Experience from Sylvain:


How big is your flatscreen TV and do you have one in the kitchen?

Yup, this one’s off topic. But I need your help. Am I behind the times? Writing the Nokia N8/Big Screen post just now prompted me to think about my television situation. I only own one television. It’s a rubbish 32″ Poloroid from 2007 that’s got such bad sound that I had to buy a set of […]

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Episode 4 of LadyGeek’s App Show is live

Episode 4 of our LadyGeek TV App Show is live and rocking going out now to hundreds of thousands of women every week. If you haven’t come across it before, it’s aimed at the smart, professional female and aims to show off a few smart, useful and relevant apps in each episode. In this week’s […]

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Taking a look at the FLO TV personal TV device

You’ll no doubt have been seeing the various posts I’ve been publishing about Qualcomm’s FLO TV device recently. The FLO TV team here in San Diego have given a trial unit to each of the journalists visiting the Uplinq event taking place this week. So I’ve taken the opportunity to try out the unit and […]

MIR TV goes to Rome – Part Two

Today it’s time for MIR in Rome, Part Two. In this episode we have a look at the iPhone language assistance applications (How do you ask ‘Where is the toilet in a foreign country?’) and we put Nokia and Google Maps head to head to help us locate the Spanish Steps. Which app do you […]

MIR TV goes to Rome, Italy – Part One

Back in January, Ben, Dan and me (that’s Ewan) hopped on a very early flight to Rome, Italy, to check out the mobile scene there and to film two MIR TV episodes from the city. In today’s Part One, we talk about the technology we’ve brought, we visit some landmarks and spot-the-handset, we try making […]


How long before we see Stephen Fry ‘TV’ via Twitter?

Twitter is definitely moving into celebrity-territory now. Last night, Stephen Fry got stuck in a lift. Or an elevator. How did I know this? Well, I first noticed after a few of my Twitter friends — Martin and Jonathan — pointed out that after my rant about #uksnow, I was liable to go positively ballistic […]

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T-Mobile UK’s pioneering multimedia campaign

T-Mobile is about to kick off a new ‘pioneering multimedia campaign’ this week, which will be nicer than the ads they’re running papers at the moment trying to give away a Nintendo DS to anyone buying a new mobile. Filmed and edited in just 36 hours, the premier of the latest TV commercial will take […]