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Three’s 0800-inclusive price plan policy is the way ahead

I’m more and more impressed with the output from the team at Three, the UK’s challenger network. I was delighted when they switched on 4G for their customers without additional charges. That was smart. All you needed was a 4G capable device and boom, you were entitled to 4G. Their recent announcement about inclusive 0800 […]

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Apple iPhone UK market share halves to 18.3%

An interesting set of stats arrived today in the form of Kantar Worldpanel ComTech’s smartphone OS market share news. Kantar appear to be one of the only research companies out there producing meaningful information for the mobile industry. They release marketshare data every four weeks — which is precisely what you need if you’re watching […]

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PhonePayPlus: The dinner lady of the UK mobile industry

PhonePayPlus is the proverbial dinner lady in the mobile industry school playground. Nominally known as the premium rate industry regulator, they typically hand out fines to companies that have made a huge, huge amount of money from spamming the mystified UK population — and who, have conveniently costed a fine into the profitability matrix. I […]

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RumourMill: Palm prē to be on Vodafone in the UK

In what appears to be another leak, Vodafone could be getting the latest handset from Palm with their very latest OS later on this year. Trumping all the other networks vying for the ultimate iPhone killer to be with them, bar O2 of course. The website MobileTopSoft ran a piece indicating news from ‘Vodafone officials’ […]

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Record Vodafone UK usage across the Festive period

Just got this in from Ally at Vodafone: Nearly 170m text messages were sent over the Vodafone UK network during the 24hrs of New Years Eve and Day. At its peak, just after midnight, over 6,000 text messages a second were processed. The same period saw Vodafone customers make nearly 90 million calls. The festive […]

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UK Rail Agrees Mobile Ticketing Standard

Nick Dillon, on behalf of the chaps at secure mobile specialist, Masabi, dropped me a briefing note on the state of mobile ticketing on UK railways. It makes interesting reading: – – – – – Hi Ewan, I thought you might be interested to hear that the Association of Train Operating Companies, (which represents all […]

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UK Mobile VoIP numbers?

This question just in from a reader (oh alright, it’s my own question): Can anyone recommend a company that can provide a few UK virtual mobile numbers with voice terminated over SIP and SMS over SMPP or some other API? Preferably not numbers that are stupidly expensive to call and excluded from other MNO’s minutes […]

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