141,000 reasons why the UK mobile industry is nailed

I got the PhonePayPlus (the British Premium Rate regulator) newsletter in this morning. More dire reading. Another 141,000 pounds worth of fines. Here is just one sample of the ‘breaches upheld’ (or the areas of issue) for one company: Adequate Technical Quality, Fairness (Misleading), Inappropriate Promotion, Subscription Reminders Is this still where everyone’s making real […]


Watch the layabout UK Mobile Industry recline at Mo Mo London

Literally. Top marks to Mauricio Reyes who was at Mobile Monday London last night. He’s snapped an hour’s worth of footage of ultra mega boring proportions. Is this what the Mobile Monday London team have got to work with? Goodness me. They’re all reclining. All sat back relaxing. When they’re spoken to by the moderator […]