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I think I need to buy a Volvo. Look at this genius app for your car! (“Volvo On Call”)

Now then, now then, stop all the clocks! My most recent interaction with Volvo was with an advertisement a good few years ago. The ad opened to the external view of a Scandanavian house surrounded by some snow. A Volvo estate is parked outside. There’s the sound of a bed squeak that begins to continue. […]


3G iPhone unlocking video tutorial

Christmas comes early to those who want a SIM free iPhone. Those natty guys over at the Dev-Team Blog have just aired video footage really showing you how to unlock an iPhone 3G. The blog site has videos from a dude only known as MuscleNerd, with footage in Qik format showing the iPhone 3G being […]


Unlocking my T-Mobile G1 UK

I’m quite delighted with the T-Mobile UK service on my G1. Just, it is sometimes annoying taking more than one handset out with me — and I often just want ONE handset with ONE ubiquitous number on it. I suspect that the battery on the G1 will make it unusable for me as a primary […]